Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'm back!

 Not that I think anyone is going to jump for joy (except maybe my wife.) But I have decided to start blogging again. As the new name will suggest this blog is about things that matter to me (formerly B-Rad's blog, as no one really calls me B-Rad anymore, I must no longer be "rad"). 

I will post thing about my life that I wish to share, stories that I find interesting, movie reviews, and youtube videos. So keep checking back, I will do my best to show interesting things :)


Kim Foo Young said...

YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! baby im so happy to see you blogging!

Catalina said...

Yaay, Im glad you are blogging. Ill be reading. :)

Cin said...

You will always be rad.....or is that bad? hhmm

Love Mom