Saturday, September 17, 2011

Busy Morning

So today was a busy Saturday. 1st I took my dog Trigger the the vet to get his heart worm shot (they give them one shot that covers them for 6-months vs a pill ever month.) Turns out he also has an minor ear infection. He seems to enjoy going to the vet. He gets to ride in the car, get doted on by the vet techs and gets to see other dogs.

After that I dropped him off at home and took my wife to get her blood work done. For the 1st time since I've known her her blood did not poor out and the tech let her go with only a 75% full vile. Afterword we treated ourselves to Tijuana Flats.
So now I am paying our bills and about to get to work on SEO for a web client of our little web business.

God Bless!

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