Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Places I have lived: Wesley Chapel

OK so before I tell you about my home town lets give you a quick rundown on myself, like lets say Bryan 101. I was born in Tampa, FL at the woman's hospital, it's not called that anymore not sure what it is now. I moved into the house i lived at all my life when i was a few month old.

Where: Wesley Chapel, FL
When: 1983-2008 (25 years)
Where is it?: Just north of Tampa near Zephyrhills.

Growing up:
OK Wesley Chapel (or as we like to call it, the Dub-C) was a boring place to live for the most part growing up, but at the same time it rocked! I use to ride my bike to my friend Chad's house to play basketball and video games, or to Andy's for the same. It was a quit and safe place to grow up. It was however, when I go older boring!!!!!! There was nothing in the Duc-C to do. If you wanted to see a movie you had to go to either Near by Zephyrhills (or Z-Town as I like to call it) about a 15- 20 min drive depending on traffic. Or if you wanted to go to a nice theater with statium seating and all that you had to go 30mins to New Tampa. There is bowling in Zephyrhills. NO shopping, you had to go to Tampa for that. A few restronts here and there. You had to kinda make your own fun. Or drive to Tampa.

Before I moved to Sarasota The Dub-C was starting to come to it's own. They now have a very nice Cobb theater, where my brother works, A "mall" with Best Buy, Toys-R-US and the like. Lots of places to eat, Appelbees, Crackerbarral, just to name a few. It's slowly looking more and more like a small City instead of a town.

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awww. are you homesick?